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Лучшая сделка в России по выбору складного дивана


Лучшая сделка в России по выбору складного дивана

kalombo.ru-guide to the choice of folding sofa

folding couch selection guide



Here is a guide for choosing a folding sofa:








Work mechanism - buy from us kalombo.ru

If you’re looking out for a living room, you’ll find yourself at home in the living room.

The movement should not be a squeak.

The locking system should not be designed.

Main types of folding mechanisms:


Retractable or withdrawable

The sofa seat extends and creates a flat surface for sleeping.



The sofa is lowered and turned into a flat bed.

Remember that there is a significant impact on your skin.


the cloth

It is a woven and not printed pattern.

It must be firmly woven.

They are processed.


Storage space

If you have a sofa, it will often be used for sleeping. Will always be at hand.



In the living room, there is a sofa.


Not only the sofa, but also the sliding part.

How many people will be sitting on the sofa. If you have a big triple sofa or corner. They are much more convenient than trying to fit all on a double.


To select a sofa bed, click on the link.




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